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Whoses is your favoritest salesdaru? You no need tell Dubira, Dubira already knows it Dubira! Me has freshy-fresh stock of WONDEROUS items.

Now whiles Dubira hases usual potions and discount taxy-tax, Dubira has NEW ITEM too! Upgrades your WAGONS to HAULERS: REDY-RED ONES! GET NOW, BEFORE GONEY-GONE!
  • Packs of 20 Worker’s Compensation potions – 3000 Credits
  • Packs of 300 Bound Tax Certificates – 1350 Credits
  • Wagon Upgrade Ticket – 1750 Credits
  • Red Hauler Fusion Certificate – 1250 Credits
    • Important Note: Each of these bundles can only be a limited number of times per server.
    • The ArcheAge Marketplace will display how many purchases are left on a server.
    • Once the quantity is gone, the bundle will be removed from your server’s Marketplace. GET IT WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!
What will Dubira carry next? Dubira no know, actually. Dependy-depend on whats Dubira can ste… er… legitimately possess, of course!

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