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Dubira is BACK! New monthy-month, new salesy-sale! This August, Dubira proud to offer Adventurer favorite… Drumrolllllllllllllllllllll… RED AND SUPERIORS RED REGRADEY-REGRADE CHARM!

Dubira find hidden overstock cache in Ayanads Library, and is passing the saving on to YOU. Why? Because #DubiraCares, that why!

Disclaimers: Temporal distortion of handsy-hands and feety-feets after purchases is not valid return reason. ALL SALES FINAL.
  • 2 Bound Red Regrade Charms – 1000 Credits
  • 2 Bound Superior Red Regrade Charms – 2000 Credits
  • Packs of 20 Worker’s Compensation: 1000 – 3000 Credits
  • Packs of 300 Bound Tax Certificates – 1350 Credits
    • Important Note: Each of these bundles can only be purchased 200 times per server.
    • The ArcheAge Marketplace will display how many purchases are left on a server.
    • Once the quantity is gone, the bundle will be removed from your server’s Marketplace. GET IT WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!
Dubira may go to Ayanads Library more often now… Perhaps more secrets there, yes? Flying book not so bad. Dubira no know why Adventurers complain of wounds in library. Paper cuts not wounds.

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