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Khrolan and Socke return to talk about Obsidian, Tradepacks and Evolution Compensation!

It's going to be another info-packed stream for all interested in what's going on with ArcheAge - and make sure you tune in, because Khrolan has something up his sleeve again for you to claim, for FREE, in game. We'll explain on the stream!

Brassewill collect up your questions on our three topics on this forum thread - Obsidian, Tradepacks and Evolution Compensation - write fast, we need to close the thread on Thursday afternoon to get as many questions in to Dev as possible.

Last week's Hiram stream was so busy that the team rounded up chat questions that we didn't quite get to, and posted answers to them in this thread!

ArcheAge Livestream

Fridays at 1:30 PM PDT (20:30 UTC)

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