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Greetings Adventurers! Here's a small recap of the topics we covered on today's livestream!

The Golden Tree Event Begins April 19th! – You need Lunarite? This is the event for you! Starting on April 19, visit Mirage Isle to get a quest from the "Branch Manager" to plant Golden Trees! Harvest their fruit and open it to find Lunarite inside, or some labor for your troubles. If you can harvest the tree three times in a day, you'll get a Sparkling Petal! Collect petals throughout the event to purchase a pack of cool housing items from Mirage Isle, which includes Golden Apples you can consume for either 500 Labor, 500 Vocation, or 500 Honor! This event will continue to May 2 at 2:00 AM UTC.

April Update launches on April 19! – The April Update also launches on April 19! This next monthly update will be introducing not only the Golden Tree event, but it will also set up the White Arden Ghost Wedding Festival starting on May 2, and address a few bugs in the game. More information coming with the patch notes!

Q&A! – We also took a lot of time out of the livestream to answer as many questions as we could. Here's just some of them that we addressed:

Q: Can we get yata avatars on the forums, increase forum PM storage, and remove the character limit on PMs?

We'll talk to see if we can do the yata avatars, but we have to keep the forum PM storage and character limit on PMs the way they are to make sure we don't affect forum performance.

Q: Can PTS get fluffy commands for vocation badges, abyssal crystals, and a convenient permanent multipurpose workbench?

We've gotten this request a few times, and we will ultimately add those. But remember that PTS is a testing environment, so there are some things we may not want to do (even though we know some players make it their home), we do try to keep Fluffy updated with major updates to the game.

Q: When can we expect a regrade event?

We don't announce these ahead of time, it's just something that happens.

Q: Are the Ghost Instruments coming to our version of the game anytime soon?

Well... there is a Ghost Wedding coming up... so we heard.

Q: When are we getting the Orchidna-themed costume?.

It will be coming to our version and we're super excited about this. No date quite yet for it!

Q: Why are the Marketplace updates delayed so far behind the Korean version when we were catching up?

We rely on the team at XL to deliver these items to us. We ask for specific items to come up sooner, especially if we know their items you guys want, but ultimately that cadence is up to them. The S200 is a great example of this, as we do want to give it to you. We'll stick with it and convince XL that it should be added to the schedule, but things will continue to come out on a defined cadence.

Q. Are Draughts of Forgiveness still being discussed?

Yes, and there will most likely be a change to them during Update 3.5 in early June. Their honor cost may go up.

Q: Can we get a future update that will remove image items from gliders, or an item that will remove image items from more categories of items in general?

Yes, this is an excellent suggestion and one we really want. We will keep asking for it!

Q: Sometimes when I try to load into a dungeon I get a “temporary server overload” error. Is there anything being done to address that? How do you feel about people getting in dungeons over the daily limit due to this error?

Yes, we are aware of that issue, especially during the release of Fresh Start. ArcheAge has a limited number of dungeon instances that it can spin up and those compete with PvP instances. If a dungeon attempts to spin up on the server and it cannot find room for a new instance, it generates that specific error. As servers stay online longer, that recurrence of the error begins to become more prominent if some instances don't spin down.

As for getting extra dungeons, we're not super concerned with this. Now we don't recommend trying to get this to occur, but it's not something we're concerned with right now.

Q: Will you ever do another set of statistics like you did for the first anniversary?

As there is interest, we'll see if we can do another set for the next anniversary. That data is fun to look at, and we had a lot of fun putting it together. We can't commit to doing it fully, as the people who are responsible for pulling that data would be shocked, but we will see if it's something that can be done. (Cue BigDataDude putting in a surprised face in the livestream chat, at hearing he may have to pull more data.)

Q: Are there any changes or improvements coming up for fishing income? I feel as though it has become too low due to pufferfish/tuna catch rates.

If we had a Marlin for every time this question was asked, we could solve the fishing economy concerns. It's something that's changed several times, we don't have a solid yes or no if Update 3.5 will increase or decrease how this system functions in the economy.

Q: Will the Goblin Gliders come back to marketplace for Legacy as Fresh Start just got them?

Yeah, this is something we can look into doing, as it makes sense since Fresh Start just got them. They were originally available on the loyalty store as a loyalty lockbox, so they could just come back into the loyalty store.

Q: Will you consider doing something like the free Soulforged Armor Set again?

Yes, it's something we're definitely interested in doing again! We saw it help Legacy servers when it was released and we know people liked it. It may change if we re-release it, but we'd like to do it again when it's appropriate.

Q: Fresh Start Servers with Update 3.5?


Q: Last livestream you said there were no plans to merge or evolve. Can we know what the high population servers are in each region so we can consider transferring? Also are there plans for discounted transfers?

We're looking at grouping the Legacy servers together based on how competitive they are, and looking at doing something similar with the auction houses too. That way items that come from low risk servers aren't coming so easily into the higher risk competitive servers. We'd like to change the way these two groups of Legacy servers are displayed and place a note about it on the server select screen. But this needs to be proposed to XL and is still just a concept of what could be done.

We would allow transfers from low population, non-competitive servers to high population, competitive servers at a discounted rate. We don't know what the discounted rate could be, but that is our intent for now. If we get a formal plan around it, we will release it to the website and let you know.

Q: When will we be getting the “Candy” themed house?
April 21st!

That’s all for this week, Adventurers! Remember, you can always watch the replay live on Twitch or YouTube. We will NOT be having a livestream next week as Trion is closed on April 14, but we will be back on April 21st!

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