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Greetings Adventurers! Here's a small recap of the topics we covered on today's livestream!

Jour our brand new Creators Program for exclusive codes and access: We're excited to announce a new way for streamers, youtubers, artists, musicians, and more to partner with us! Sign up for the Trion Creator Program and you can grab some exclusive codes for you and your followers and plenty more! Learn more about the program at

An Overview of the July Update: We dived into the details of next week's July Update on the stream, and covered the new events and changes that will be coming to the game next week on Wednesday, July 20!

Marketplace Crate items to be bound on pickup starting next week: Next week, mounts and costumes received from Marketplace crates will be bound on pickup. We wanted to let the community know of this change ahead of time, and wanted to talk about the reasons behind it. Click the link to watch the video description for more information!

Announcing the winners of the Joyful Homebuilder Society contest!: The Joyful Homebuilder Society contest is now over, and we have the winners! Congratulations to Altesse, blasthawk, Captain Tomo, Ecu de chene, Flovv, Mephystia, Salvan, squid, Venari, and yesau! Keep an eye on your forum PMs for your winnings!

Remember that you can always watch the full livestream on the official Trion Worlds Twitch page at your leisure!

If you want to discuss this with your fellow adventurers, visit this official discussion thread!

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