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Greetings Adventurers! Here's a small recap of the topics we covered on today's livestream!

Thank you to those involved in Skill Queue testing!: A small, scrappy crew from the community got together on our new Event Test Server (ETS) to help us test out all of the new Korean versions of skills and the skill queue system there. With their help, we've brought some good improvements to skill queue and we are now deciding on if this final version will go live or not. We'd like to target August for a wider test. More to come!

A word on Event Timers: We know many in our European community are looking forward to the introduction of split event timers between North American and Europe. The testing has gone very well and we are shooting to release those timers in August!

Are you merging servers?: Many people in the chat and forums have asked us if we are considering merging servers at this time. The current answer is, no, we're not considering merging servers right now. Even the low population servers are still above our threshholds for population. But, should a point come in the future where those plans change, we'll let everyone know early.

An Overview of the Zodiac Festival: Going live on August 2 at 12:01 AM GMT is the Zodiac Festival! This Fate-Filled Festival will have you earning new Constellation titles and completing daily quests for a variety of prizes from Marketplace Dyes to new housing decorations. During this period of time, Solzreed Peninsula will be set into Festival Law, granting peace over the area. For a video walk through of the festival, click the link. For those of you who want to read to learn more about the festival, check out the description below.

The Zodiac Festival runs August 2 to August 16th!

Astrologist Agape will tell you to purchase a Constellation Jar from the Marketplace using Merit Badges. Make sure to get one before beginning your Festival Experience!

Quaini from the local pasture needs help making some Galaxy Gumbo, which can provide combat buffs. Collect the ingredients and cook up the soup each day for a Zodiac Festival Coin and 10 cooking proficiency.

Astrologist Linoa needs some Lustrous Golden Wool, as he’s already run out! Collect those wools and you’ll be rewarded with a Legend of the Zodiac and Husbandry Proficiency in addition to a Zodiac Festival Coin. Legends of the Zodiac can be bound together to create volumes of stories.

Astrologist Yattman needs help collecting Zodiac Owl Feathers, which can only be found at night. Completing his quest offers another Legend of the Zodiac and a Zodiac Festival Coin.

The Young Shepherd Paul isn’t very good at his job, and he’s trying to pull a fast one on Linoa by offering him normal fabric instead of his desired Lustrous Golden Wool. Your fabric. 100 fabric, to be precise. Helping this scamp with his ruse will earn you 5 Zodiac Festival Coins.

Once you’re underway, visit Astrologist Agape again to receive a Constellation Sapling to begin the Tree of Fate quest. To successfully grow this tree, you’ll need the assistance of another person who has a complimentary constellation title to yours. With their help, your tree will find its destiny and bear a Zodiac Leaf. Help others bring their tree to fruition to earn 2 Zodiac leaves!

Once you have collected 15 Zodiac Leaves, you’ll earn a final reward of 3 Zodiac Festival Coins and the official festival title, “Star Seeker.” If you earn more than 15 leaves, you may turn them into festival coins at a rate of 8 leaves for 1 coin.

Your coins can be used to earn a series of star-struck items, including Bound Honor Boost Tonics, Bound Immortal XP Tonics, Flip-Flops, Bracelets, the Decorative Windcreek and Silver Oasis Lutes, additional Legends of the Zodiac, woven charms to decorate your house, the mystical and decorative Kismet Star Shard (which can make your constellation sign appear above your head), and a Zodiac Festival Pouch that will offer a small amount of gold.

The true highlight of this event is the Kaleidoscope Flask, which will randomly give you a single-use costume dye when used! Normally these dyes are available on the ArcheAge Marketplace, but you can get this item using your festival coins!

Remember that you can always watch the full livestream on the official Trion Worlds Twitch page at your leisure!

If you want to discuss this with your fellow adventurers, visit this official discussion thread!

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