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Craft, Claim, and Conquer even better with the changes coming in 4.0!

Folio Upgrade

The Folio has a new look and the categories are arranged in such a way that new players will have an easier time progressing through their crafting. The updated organization highlights the main systems in the game. Property, Pets & Transport, Harvesting, Commerce and more.

The Character Equipment section is an overhaul of how players approach finding and setting personal goals for gear improvement. Need a new sword? Click on ‘Right Hand’ and find your future weapon, whether it’s ‘Crafted’, ‘Obsidian’, or from ‘Mistsong’. You’ll even be able to see the item’s upgrade paths much more clearly without having to navigate away from the item’s page. This simplification brings a clarity that all players, old and new, will appreciate.

Raid Recruitment Board & Co-Raid

If you’re looking for friends or just strong allies to join you on a difficult mission, you will now have the ability to post to the new Raid Recruitment Board. All applicants can be reviewed before being accepted. Set the time (UTC) you’re venturing out, number of players needed, and choose your activity – Raid (Kraken, Red Dragon, Leviathan, Thunderwing Titan, or just world bosses), Faction War (Mistmerrow, Golden Plains Battle), or other world events. If you’re accepting a call to action you’ll even be able to reply with the role you wish to serve in the adventure!

Once you’ve got a raid together, you might realize you need even more warm bodies to tank, dps, and heal. With the new Co-Raid system two raids of up to 50 adventurers each can join forces. Each raid keeps their own leader, but one is the Commander and the overall leader is the Admiral. If you’re the raid leader, a simple right-click menu option to form a Co-Raid is all you need to team up and take down your targets.

Title Collection System

How do you want to be known? Maybe as an Abyssal Archaeologist. But if you’re not into the stats that come with the title, you can now use the Title Collection system to pair your favorite title with your most desired stats! There are quite a lot of titles to collect, and you can even get some direction on where to find them. Collecting more titles will earn you progress towards unlocking new icons that will appear next to your name. Don’t worry, if you’ve already earned a bunch of titles all of your progress will be kept when this system goes live.

Flexible Obsidian Crafting

When upgrading any Obsidian gear to t5 or t6 players will use a Spellshift Orb to turn the item into a component for the next tier recipe. The component will keep the previous item’s grade, but will become an unequippable crafting material. After crafting the next tier, it will become a cloaked item. Uncloaking that item will now allow the player to choose which of the two paths they want the item to come out as (Uncloaking and choosing a path occurs at T4, T5, and T6). This new flexible system allows players to change their focus and/or gain access to more potential buyers, as they are not limited to finding those who are specifically on one path. We suggest finding the buyer before uncloaking!

– The ArcheAge Team

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