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Revelation is fast approaching, and it’s about time we had another Bonus Regrade Event, don’t you think? Enjoy these three new events, but act quickly before they disappear!

November 9 – November 16: Bonus Regrade Chance & Buy One, Get One Regrade charms!

Starting with our maintenance on November 9 and ending with our maintenance on November 16, we’ll be offering up a special BONUS 1.5x success chance on regrades up to and including the Celestial grade!

We’ll also be removing the item destruction chance at Celestial, so your items are safe and sound when you attempt to regrade higher!

To recap:

November Regrade Bonus Days:
  • Duration: November 9 – 16, starting and ending with Maintenance
  • Regrading on Rare, Arcane, Heroic, Unique, and Celestial Levels: 1.5x bonus success chance!
  • Regrading at Celestial level: Item cannot be destroyed. Destruction chance has been added to the normal failure chance for the duration of this event.
  • Regrading at Divine or higher: No change to chances or destruction.
At the same time, we’ll be offering the following charms on the Marketplace in a Buy 1, Get 1 Sale:
  • Blue Regrade Charms: 2 for 150 Credits
  • Green Regrade Charms: 2 for 200 Credits
  • Red Regrade Charms: 2 for 2000 Credits
  • Superior Red Regrade Charms: 2 for 4000 Credits

November 9 – December 8: Bonus Loyalty Event

As previously promised in our Loyalty Store announcement, we’re increasing the amount of loyalty granted by the Divine Clock until the release of ArcheAge: Revelation and the first of the Loyalty Store changes.

During the duration of this event, all clicks on the Loyalty Divine Clock will offer 3 Loyalty Tokens instead of 1! This means you can get up to 14 loyalty per day (5 from login with Patron, and then 3 per click of the Divine Clock.) Use that extra loyalty to finish saving up for your favorite item before it leaves!

November 9 – November 22: The Conquest of Mistsong Summit

The Mysterious Shadow Daru is back, and he’s looking for you to help crack down on Aria, Sojung, and Dochul’s activities. Visit him next to the Mistsong Summit portal in Mistmerrow to complete a special set of daily quests to defeat the Easy, Normal, and Hard versions of the dungeon bosses.
Completing his quests will reward special Shadow Daru crates that can offer items including Warrior’s Medals, Honor Tonics, Superior and Fine Lunarite, and Adventurer’s Rainbow Pumpkin Taffy.

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