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The Celestial Kitsu mount is here! Get ready to run headlong into palace or battlefield with a flowing, glowing set of tails, bushy red fur, and agility that few can match. Add it to your Fresh Start mount collection today either via our new supply crate, or with Loyalty!

New Credit Items (Fresh Start Servers)
  • Nine-Tail Crate – 490 Credits – This crate, only available until April 4<sup>th</sup>, has a chance to offer up a Wrapped Celestial Kitsu mount with armor! Of course, that’s not the only thing the crate can provide. Check out the list below to learn more about what this newest Supply Crate has to offer:
Common Drops:

Lucky Quicksilver Tonics, XP Boost Potions, Honor Boost Tonics, Vocation Expertise Tonics, Frankenflavor Jawbreakers, Marshmallow Sugar Pumpkins, Greedy Goblin Gummies.

Uncommon Drops:

Axle Grease, Rainbow Pumpkin Taffies, Fusion Alembics, Synthium Soap, Crest Brainstorm, Experience Grimoires, Greedy Grimoires, Companion Crusts, Vocation Tonic, Green Regrade Charms.

Rare Drops:

Super Weapon Temper, Super Armor Temper, Prime Armor Temper, Professional Tonic, Blue Regrade Charms, Blue Regrade Charms, Yellow Regrade Charm, Red Regrade Charm, Kaleidoscope Flask, Wrapped Celestial Kitsu.

Very Rare Drops:

Prime Weapon Temper, Specialization Snowflake, Crest Trade Pack Storage, Language Proficiency Spellbook, Superior Yellow Regrade Charm, Special Pirate Plushie Trove, Superior Red Regrade Charm.

New Loyalty Items (Fresh Start Servers)
  • Celestial Kitsu – Cost: 450 Loyalty
  • Celestial Kitsu Helm – Cost: 50 Loyalty
  • Celestial Kitsu Saddle – Cost: 60 Loyalty
  • Celestial Kitsu Legguards – Cost: 65 Loyalty

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