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With the release of the September Update, the Auroria zones of Sungold Fields and Exeloch can now be claimed for castle building! Guilds attempting to make these zones their home will compete in the standard territory claim mechanics of delivering a Purifying Archeum pack to the unclaimed lodestone after crafting it in Diamond Shores. The Purification Monolith (workbench) required to craft the Purifying Pack appears at a rank 3 Diamond Shores faction base on Sundays.

The claiming guild leader will receive the “Lordly Supply” package containing wall, tower and gatehouse designs along with some Lord Coins. They’ll also be sent the Emberwild Charger mount and the Lord’s zone-specific costume on the weekly cycle. The Lord of Sungold Fields has the option to don the unique Sunflower Guardian costume while the Lord of Exeloch may choose to wear the Terradark Guardian outfit.

Once the Archeum Lodestone has been claimed in either zone, the ability for players to claim plots of land becomes available. The housing areas in Exeloch are located mostly along the coastal waterfront and support a small neighborhood of houses. In Sungold Fields, player housing becomes available in strips along coastal inlets and nestled deep within the mountain region. The housing areas in these zones are smaller than the other 6 Auroria housing zones but offer exclusivity and convenience, with access to nearby world events.

While treaties are forged or broken, and honor is bled, only you can determine how these zones will take shape in the world of Erenor!

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