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A slew of animal companions are looking for aid at this time of year, and you, Adventurer, may be just the person to help! Visit Windscour Savannah and join the Pawesome Autumn Adoption Festival!

Visit Skyfang in Windscour Savannah to adopt

Between February 1 and February 20 at 11:59 PM UTC, drop by Skyfang in Windscour Savannah to join the festival. During this period of time the area will be under Festival Law, which means you will be unable to attack players of opposing factions. (Remember, Festival Law does not prohibit Guild Dominion fights, so remain vigilant!)

Raise a pet of your own to reap rewards

Your pawesome journey will begin by speaking with Nairamdal! This keeper of beasts will offer you a quest to accept a frail pet to take care of. The pets available are a baby Calico, Seal-Point, Gray Tabby, Orange Tabby, Black Cat, Wolfhound Puppy, Yata, and Elk.

Raising the pet is important for two reasons. First of all, following this chain will offer you festival tokens, which you can turn in for prizes. But, more importantly, you’ll begin forming a relationship with this pet that will allow you to place it in your home! Raising your pet from frail baby to fully grown adult won't be easy -- the pet will require certain items in order to make sure it grows up healthy and strong. Make sure to be a responsible owner!

Plus, after taking care of one of these pets, you’ll be able to receive a brand new baby Corgi to raise! Kirby would be proud!

Aid animals to earn festival tokens

Each day at 2:00 PM UTC, 7:00 PM UTC, and 2 AM UTC for European servers and 7 PM PST, 1 AM PST, and 7 AM PST in North America, Tarkir will be available for 1 hour and looking for able-bodied adventurers. Speak with him to carry a lost yata or elk on your back and return them to their families! Doing so will earn 2 Pawesome Festival tokens, and you can repeat this quest 3 times per day.

You can also speak with Ranchhand Jack at any time during the festival to listen to his story of cow ownership. Doing so will earn you 3 festival tokens, but this quest can only be completed once!

Turn in tokens for pet themed prizes

Once you’ve earned enough tokens from raising your pet and the daily aid quests, you can turn them in to the Festival Machine for the following prizes:
  • Pet Leash – 70 Tokens -- Use this item to turn your furry friend into a pet that can follow you around instead of a pet that sits in your home!
  • Tufted Pet Tower – 20 Tokens
  • Cozy Pet Bed – 20 Tokens
  • Playful Pet Cushion – 20 Tokens
  • Wooden Pet Bed – 20 Tokens
  • Beastmaster Token – 10 Tokens
  • Collectible Cutout Box – 5 Tokens

Festival Achievements

The Pawesome Festival also continues the new tradition of achievements. As before, if you already qualified for these achievements from last year’s festival, you’ll immediately get credit. Not only will these achievements get you some extra rewards – they’ll also get you extra Baby Corgis to raise!
  • Pawesome Festival 1 – Participate in the Pawesome Festival for 5 Pawesome Coins!
  • Pawesome Festival 2 – Complete the quest “A Kindly Caretaker” 5 times
  • Pawesome Festival 3 – Tend to a frail housepet 5 times
  • Unconditional Friendship – Complete the quest “Animal Placement Program” 10 times
  • Housepet Patron – Tend to every type of housepet.
  • An Unexpected Greeting – Meet a fully grown housepet.
  • A Mini Menangerie – Tend to every type of frail housepet including the Corgi
  • Corgi Time – Play with a Welsh Corgi once to receive another Corgi.
  • Corgi Collector – Play with a Welsh Corgi 5 times to receive yet another Corgi.
  • Corgi Addict – Play with ALL THE WELSH CORGIS (which roughly translates to 10 times) to receive another Corgi and be smothered in Corgis.

We can’t wait to hear about your new found friends, and see them in your homes!

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