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Shocking, isn’t he?

This week’s newest mount is the highly anticipated azure-glowing and lightning-throwing Typhoon Drake! Whether gliding through the air or charging across the dirt, this beast will charge the atmosphere of your fights. Featuring glowing blue scales, a smoldering lava mid-section, towering size, and an electric breath weapon, the Drake is ready to “discharge” any who would stand against you.

Tame this walking lightning storm via the new Archeum Supply Crate, or with your Loyalty Tokens!

New Credit Items
  • Typhoon Archeum Supply Crate – 490 Credits – When opened, this crate has the ability to drop Archeum, regrade charms, and more. Rarely, it may offer Red and Superior Red Regrade Charms, a special Pirate Plushie Trove, or the new Typhoon Drake with his armor!

New Loyalty Token Items
  • Typhoon Drake – 625 Loyalty
  • Typhoon Helm – 50 Loyalty
  • Typhoon Saddle – 60 Loyalty
  • Typhoon Legguards – 65 Loyalty

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