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Horse, meet Ocean. Ocean, meet horse. Go beyond the shores and across the surface on our newest aquatic mount, the Aquestria! Plus, brand new swimsuits are now available for you to have some fun in the sun. Don’t be a stick in the mud - ride out to the beaches of Erenor today, before the heat fades away!

Additionally, starting this week, mounts and costumes will be bind on pickup if you receive one from a Marketplace chest or crate. If you wish to sell an unwanted costume on the Auction House, you can still do so by fusing the costume as an image item to an Auction Mannequin.

New Credit Items
  • Seaside Treasure Chest – 420 Credits – Contains a random selection of consumables and components, including a chance for a Superior Red Regrade Charm, a Red Regrade Charm, Lucid Lunagems, Summer Nights Swimwear, or the mythical sea stag Aquestria!
New Loyalty Items
  • Summer Nights Swimwear – 400 Loyalty – Word of this new type of summer fashion has spread across Erenor faster than an Apex Squall. First worn on the beaches of Sanddeep by Rose Avonelle during the Blue Salt Festival, the designer of this new look has remained a mystery.
  • Aquestria – 625 Loyalty – Once thought to be a myth, Aquestria is a classic feature in fish tales throughout Erenor. To some she is a deadly trickster--for others, a savior of drowning sailors. But on one point all agree: anyone lucky enough to saddle Aquestria will win the creature's undying loyalty, and need never fear the ocean depths again.
Retiring Items
  • Shadow Daru Stash

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