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These beasts prefer their steaks… well done.

Erupting from the lavaflows of Cinderstone Moor, this week’s newest pet is ready to set the world on fire. Hellhounds may be somewhat domesticated, but we wouldn’t want to play a game of fetch with this fido!

Find this mutt of molten mayhem in our newest Archeum Supply Crate, or grab him from the Loyalty store.

Important Note: Starting this week, Draughts of Forgiveness will no longer be available from Archeum Supply Crates.

New Credit Items
  • Hellhound Archeum Supply Crate – 490 Credits – Contains a random selection of items, including a chance for a Superior Red Regrade Charm, a Red Regrade Charm, a Prime Weapon Temper, a Prime Armor Temper, Miraculous Lunafrosts, Synthium Shards, a Special Pirate Plushie Trove, or, rarely, a Hellhound pet!
New Loyalty Items
  • Hellhound – 625 Loyalty Tokens

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