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Are you ready for some more fun on the sunny shores of Sanddeep? The Blue Salt Brotherhood is!

This limited time event will be available during the following days:

North America: August 15 – September 5, starting and ending at 11 PM PDT.
Europe: August 16 – September 6, starting and ending at 1 AM UTC.

During this time, Sanddeep will be placed into Festival Law. If you’re new to these parts, Festival Law will prevent PvP attacks as if the area was in Peace, BUT you can still be attacked if your guild is fighting in a Dominion War. Be careful!

Use the worldgates found in Austera, Marianople, and Diamond Shores as a cheap way to get to Sanddeep for the festival activities.

It’s time to hit the beach! Head on out and get ready for a series of quests to have fun in the sun. Build a sand castle, help Vivalt and Mendelsson paint, eat chicken, and FIGHT HUGE BEACH MONSTERS. Enjoy yourself, relax, and you’ll earn some Festival Coins to enjoy great rewards, including:
  • Beach Umbrella — 14 Festival Coins
  • Crest Umbrella — 14 Festival coins
  • Vivalt’s Sand Sculpture: Protection — 14 Festival Coins
  • Vivalt’s Sand Statue: Victory — 14 Festival Coins
  • Mendelsson’s Sand Sculpture: Peace — 14 Festival Coins
  • Mendelsson’s Sand Statue: Prosperity — 14 Festival Coins
  • Baked Chicken (House Furniture) — 5 Festival Coins
  • Blue Salt Festival Empty Frame — 10 Festival Coins
  • Blue Salt Festival Sand Castle Painting — Requires an empty frame and all pieces of Mendelsson’s Painting.
  • Blue Salt Festival Beach Painting — Requires an empty frame and all pieces of Vivalt’s Painting.
  • Baktehan’s Swimfins — 90 Festival Coins
  • Granbleu’s Dive Helmet — 90 Festival Coins
  • Fried Chicken (Buff) — 3 Festival Coins
  • Cold Beer (100 Labor) — 3 Festival Coins
  • Temporary Thunder Dash — 70 coins
  • Temporary Timer Coupe 100 — coins
  • Temporary Cogwheel Longboard — 30 coins
  • Greenman Plushie Pet — 70 coins

This festival does have a special timed event in Sanddeep. Take out a huge monster that attacks the festival at the following times to earn more coins:

EU: 2:00 PM, 7:00 PM, and 11:00 PM UTC
NA: 12:00 PM, 5:00 PM, and 9:00 PM PDT

This year’s event also features Achievements for extra Festival Coins! Please note that if you’ve been a participant in the prior years of the Blue Salt Festival, some of these Achievements may be automatically completed based on your past progress.

– The ArcheAge Team

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