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Break out the champagne and roll in the birthday cake! ArcheAge’s Second Celebration has arrived and these presents are for YOU!

Before you jump headlong into the party, make sure to read up on all of the new stuff that’s coming to the game as of right now:

The Overview of Underwear

We know you want the full brief on ArcheAge’s latest and greatest addition. Go on, click it, and learn exactly how these new items will support you.

Survive While Surrounded: New Free For All Arena

Brawl with the best of them in our newest Arena type: 8 Man Free For All. Earn points as quickly as possible, but watch your back!

Customize your stats and ignite your weaponry

Need more Strength and less Spirit? Want everyone around you to know how badass your weapon is? Say no more, friend, because your time has come.

Jump into the Second Celebration daily to earn a Seabug Mount!

Make sure to play ArcheAge daily during the Second Celebration ! Complete achievements throughout the event to earn the mount that’s on everyone’s minds (and boat hulls): The Seabug!

For a full dive into what’s changed with the update, visit our official patch notes and pour over the details. Or, discuss this with your fellow adventurers in our official forums!

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