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The wait is finally over! The last preparations are made, and we are excited to let all of you know that Transfers between Legacy servers is BACK!

As before, the Character Transfer service will only work for characters transferring between Legacy Servers. Transfers between Fresh Start Servers, or between a Fresh Start and Legacy server, will not be available at this time.

To celebrate the return of the service, all transfers will only be 1 credit a piece between February 16 and February 23! So if you’ve been itching to transfer to a new home, now’s a great time to relocate. But remember, all transfers will still come with some restrictions, and you can learn more about what you need to do before you transfer right here.

Important Note: If you intend to transfer, make sure you are fully logged out and remain completely logged out of the game until the transfer has been completed. (Not even logging back in to sit on server select!) If you do not remain logged out until the transfer has been completed, your transfer may encounter an error at this time. This known issue will be fixed with priority after the release of the service.

We hope you enjoy your new surroundings, wherever you travel!

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