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Deck the halls with sensational seasonal styles in ArcheAge! We’re closing out 2018 in style with some gorgeous wings, new crates, and Winter Wonderland bundles!

Festive Holiday Bundles - Each individual item from the Winter Wonderland Bundles is also available for purchase directly on the marketplace.
  • Winter Wonderland Furniture Bundle: 5,000 Credits
  • Winter Wonderland Livingroom Furniture Bundle: 1,700 Credits

Two new crates available on Legacy and Fresh Start servers:
  • Immortal Terror Crate: 450 Credits
  • Protection and Revenge Crate: 450 Credits

Manastorm Boxes - These boxes grant different amounts of Manastorm Crystals.
  • Manastorm Box: 150 Credits (Purchasable once daily)

  • Wings of Immortality: 650 Loyalty
    • Become immortal for 3 seconds.

  • Wings of Terror: 650 Loyalty
    • Rush to a designated position during flight and fear all enemies in a 4m radius for 2 seconds.

  • Wings of Protection: 650 Loyalty
    • Rush to a target location and place a Protection Seal that absorbs 8,000 damage done to allies in a 6m radius.

  • Wings of Revenge: 650 Loyalty
    • Reflect 200% of ranged and magical attack damage for 3 seconds.

Our thanks to the ArcheAge community for ringing in the New Year with us!

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