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If you've been playing ArcheAge recently during the "All In A Dayru's Work" and "Riches from the Depths" event or were are a participant in the Joyful Homebuilder Society's last contest, you have free items to claim!

The Mystic Daru's Friendship

We heard some of you experienced issues during the "All In A Dayru's Work" and "Riches from the Depths" event, leading you unable to turn in quests or retrieve your Daru Cauldron. That's no fun!

As a way to make up for those lost rewards players who logged in between July 1 and July 21 will find the Mystic Daru Friendship Gift on the Glyph Shop at Simply click the 0 credit item, assign it to one of your characters, and you'll have a few more rewards to play with.

The Joyful Homebuilder Society's Reward

If you were a participant in the recent event held by the Joyful Homebuilder Society, then you too should check! Your 50 Merit Badges await you as a 0 credit item, which you can assign to one of your characters.

Enjoy your rewards!

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