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Grab your sturdiest barrel and hop in!

Everyone’s favorite event, Rum Runner Rapids, is back! Visit the annual site of the festival in Rookborne Basin and Windscour Savannah, and be ready to take that barrel over the falls! Can you master all of the courses provided?

This limited time event will be available during the following days:

North America: July 18 – August 1, starting and ending at 11 PM PDT.
Europe: July 19 – August 2, starting and ending at 1 AM UTC.

Complete the festival related quests to earn Festival Coins for some great rewards, including:
  • Bound Merchant’s Costume: Basic — 50 Coins
  • Bound Barrel Splash Swimtop — 8 Coins
  • Bound Barrel Splash Swimbottoms — 8 Coins
  • Bound Sunrise Swimtop — 8 Coins
  • Bound Sunrise Swimbottoms — 8 Coins
  • Bound Midnight Swimtop — 8 Coins
  • Bound Midnight Swimbottoms — 8 Coins
  • Bound Watermelon Swimwear — 30 Coins
  • Bound Watermelon Umbrella — 10 Coins
  • Bound Summer Breeze Lounger — 10 Coins
  • Bound Watermelon Decor — 5 Coins
  • Decorative Windcreek Lute — 10 Coins
  • Morpheus’s Treasure Chest — 10 Coins
  • Bound Vaughn’s Potent Stout — 1 Coin
  • Bound Vaughn’s Soothing Tonic — 1 Coin
  • Bound Vaughn’s Energizing Spirits — 1 Coin
  • Bound Hangover Cure — 3 Coins
  • 50-Slot Pirate Plushie Trove — 40 Coins
    • This can also be crafted at a Festival Gift Exchanger and upgraded to the 100 slot version!

This year’s event also features Achievements for extra Festival Coins! Please note that if you’ve been a participant in the prior years of Rum Runner Rapids, some of these Achievements may be automatically completed based on your past progress. Lucky you!

Enjoy the ride and don’t forget to share your best screenshots and videos on social media using #RumRunnerRapids or #Archeage!

– The ArcheAge Team

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