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Hello adventurers,

Each account may now log in to to retrieve their Worldweaver pack! You may only claim 1 per account.

This pack is only available to those that were on an Evolution candidate server when transfers were locked.

The Worldweaver Pack
This pack is for each level 15+ character on an Evolution Server OR Landowners on an Evolution Server. You will receive 1 pack per character that’s level 15 or above, OR 1 pack per character who holds land on an Evolution server, regardless of level, up to a maximum of 6 per account. This pack will be in each qualifying character’s mailbox.

The pack contains the following fixed items:

Dread Guard Armor
Dread Steed
Dread Steed Helm
Dread Steed Saddle
Dread Steed Legguards
Dread Guard Nodachi
Dread Guard Katana
Title: Worldweaver
60 Gift Coins
1 Any-Post Owl
50 Bound Hereafter Stones
Characters who are level 50+ on an affected server OR who own land on an affected server get one of these packs PER ACCOUNT:

5 Bound Serendipity Stones
2 Bound Dunn’s Blessings
1 Loyalty Token 150-Pack

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