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Part 1 – Lost Ayanad Earring

1. Start Quest

Kill Recordkeeper Wynn in the Screening Hall (Dungeon in between Floor 1 and Floor 2) to drop the Unknown Orb (This item begins the Quest Line).

2. Orb of Secrets

Talk with Lemian after activating the quest via the Unknown orb.

3. Special Collection

Find all 3 parts of “The Form and Application of Tri-Dimensional Magic”.
Located in the upper mezzanines on Floor 1.
Locations – F4 + H6 + A6.
Once all three have been found return to Lemian.

4. Aranzeb’s Student

Talk with Belstrom Northwest of the Ayanad Ruins in Diamond Shores.

5. Orb’s Identity

Complete daily library quests to collect 30 Ayanad’s Wizard’s Token and return to Belstrom to receive the Lost Ayanad Earring.

Part 2 – Solemn Ayanad Earring

6. Bound

Talk with Slevin (located in the secret study in A6 on 1st floor) to start the quest and then return to Belstrom.
In order to access this room you need to have the Lost Ayanad Earring equipped.

7. Stena’s Spellbook

Find Stena’s Spellbook in Stena’s Secret Study (1st floor, H6) by killing Stena’s Bookshelf on the first floor of the Ayanad Library and then return to Belstrom.

8. Gildaron’s Heart

Find Gildaron’s Heart in Wynn’s Secret Study (1st floor, F4) by killing Gildaron the Disobedient on the first floor of the Ayanad Library. Return to Belstrom to hand in the quest.

9. Freeing Slevin

Enter the Secret Study of the Seal on 1st floor, A6. Combine a Lost Ayanad Earring, an Ayanad Catalyst, and 30 Ayanad Wizard’s Tokens into an Awakening Earring and use it on Slevin. Talk to Belstrom on the hill northwest of the Ayanad Ruins in Diamond Shores to give you the Solemn Ayanad Earring.

Part 3 – Gleaming Ayanad Earring

10. A Speedy Recovery

Talk with Slevin. (1st floor, A6)
Collect 3 Ayanad Senior Council Manaprints from Recordkeeper Wynn, Halnaak, or Alexander. These bosses are found in the dungeons in the areas between floors. Once completed return to Slevin.

11. The Ghostly Mage

Talk to Mage Miller’s Spirit in the Inkcalm Chamber on the second floor of the library. (G8)

12. An End to the Bloodshed

Collect a Secret Garden Soulstone, Secret Study Soulstone, and ten Ayanad Council Manaprints.

13. Disarming the Library

Combine the Tri-Dimensional Magic Scroll, a Solemn Ayanad Earring and 30 Ayanad Wizard’s Tokens to make an Anima Cube.

Return to Mage Miller in the Inkcalm Chamber on the second floor G8, to give you the Gleaming Ayanad Earring
Once you combined those items, you can no longer use your earring until you finish this quest!

Part 4 – Brilliant Ayanad Earring

14. Captive Souls

Equip the Gleaming Ayanad Earring and speak with Belstrom, who directs you to the island east of Solzreed, talk with Gatekeeper Priest Marquad.

15. Nui’s Breath

Obtain a Nui’s Breath from Gatekeeper Priest Marquad and return to Belstrom.

16. A Potent Spell

Collect the Blessed Spellstone

Combine all of the above with the 60 Ayanad Wizard Tokens to make the Blessed Spellstone
Return to Belstrom.

17. Magic and Manaprints

Combine all of the above to make the Hereafter Lodestone.
Return to Belstrom

18. Into the Light

  • Talk to Mage Miller’s Spirit (2nd floor, G8)

Bring the Hereafter Lodestone to Mage Miller’s Spirit
Talk to Slevin (1st floor, A6) to obtain the Brilliant Ayanad Earring.

Part 5 – Great Ayanad Earring

19. Puzzles and Paintings

Find the empty frame on each floor to begin a quest each – Torn piece diagram

  • The First Floor painting (1st floor, H6)
  • The Second Floor painting (2nd floor, G8)
  • The Third Floor painting (3rd floor, C6)

Combine all 3 to get Denistrios’s Sealbreaker Scroll
Note: You can complete this if someone has completed this task and has the resulting painting set to public.
Return to Slevin (1st floor, A6)

20. The Price of Power

Return to Slevin (1st floor, A6)

21. The Frost Guardian

Talk with Slevin
Collect Denistrios’s Damaged Staff (Frost Guardian3rd floor, E2)
Return to Slevin

22. Final Touches

Return to Slevin

23. The Heart of Ayanad

Kill the Heart of Ayanad Golem (Top floor besides Alexander’s instance zone entrance) and collect Heart of Ayanad Manacore.
Talk with Slevin who is now at the entrance to the Heart of Ayanad.

24. A Hero’s Reward

Combine the above with the Ayanad Heartstone given by Slevin, to create the Glowing Ayanad Heartstone
Talk with Slevin once again and collect the final earring, Great Ayanad Earring!

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